Colaianni Fabio

He was born in L’Aquila (AQ) in 1981. At 3 he moved to Montemarciano (AN), where he still lives. He graduated in Building Engineering-Architecture at Università Politecnica delle Marche in 2005. In the same year he started teaching physics in a Jesi (AN) liceum and joins the design staff in Michele Gasparetti’s architectural firm, Senigallia (AN), where he still works. In 2008 he left teaching and started hi professional activity opening an his own firm in Montemarciano, designing new residential buildings, renovations, interior dsign and furnitures. His work focuses on the assembly of shapes and volumes ad a delimitation of spaces with a proper use of natural and artificial light. His thinking frees the object from its only function, but identifies it as geometry; the challenge is to mix simple shapes to create compositions which are more complex and balanced. During his works he collaborates with various local carftsmen, in order to design and realize doors, skirtings, coatings, furniture design, kitchens and stairs. He participated in numerous national and international competitions. In 2009 his family is affected by the earthquake of April 6 in L’Aquila and since tha day he has been partecipating in reconstruction of Onna (AQ), working at the “Onna’s Masterplan”, managed by Dr. Wittfrida Mitterer and realized by Schaller/Theodor Architekten BDA firm, Colonia (D), in cooperation with Studio MAR, Zelarino (VE). He is also entrusted with the design of an aggregate completely destroyed by the earthquake and the renovation of a building remained intact. In 2011 he founded “Tolive” with arch. Luca Granarelli, the art-director Andrea Paolombini and the web designer Mirko Cardinaletti, to develop a new style of house living, with customized and designed products, to support customers from purchasing to furnishing.