Ceccarelli Fabio Maria

Fabio Maria Ceccarelli was born in Senigallia (AN) in 1952 and graduated in Architecture in Florence in 1979. In 1980 he began his professional career dealing with architectural design at various scales. In 1982 he specializes in a higher education course “La Rinascita delle Città” at the OIKOS International center, Bologna. Between 1980 and 2000 he dealt with art in Marche between the two World War, and he has supervised the preparation of some exhibitions and publications of sculpture. In 2000 he established the “architetturadesignstudio” group, which deals with designat various scales. During his professional experience he has been involved in design at the urban scale (ports, coastal areas, parks) and in constructions both in renovation both in edification of new residential and polifunctional complexes. In fields of restaurants and interior design, his experiences led him to work abroad as designer. He participated in numerous national an international competitions, winning some; in 2005 the publisher “ Idea Architecture Books”, Schio, published a monograph on his works for the series “Architettura internazionale contemporanea”. He lives and works in Senigallia.