Egyptian Academy suites

Project: Suite furnishings, Rome

Supply: Cupboards, storage walls, desks, beds with headboard and bedside tables, complements


- Cupboard realized with veneered plywood, with drawers with mechanism with full extension opening and silent and effortless closing; storage walls realized with high thickness veneered plywood, with open compartments and some compartments closed with wooden and glass doors; High thickness desks with integrated stiffness structure and 45° junction; single and double beds realized with venereed wood, headboard covered with leather with Capitonnè processing and ready to recess electrical switches and light fixtures; Bedside tables with drawers realized with veneered plywood; Mirrors with veneered solid wood frames, to have uniformity of finishings, shelves realized with high thickness veneered honeycomb wood and hidden anchor mechanism; Veneered cabinets with biult-in refrigerators, resting-bags with veneered wooden structure and recessed profiles realized with anodized aluminium